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DETER founded in 1988,Specialized in high-pressure boost, hydro-pneumatic conversion supercharging,Provide customers with applied and innovative solutions through a professional team.

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DETER is strength in ability to collaborate with clients in developing , designing, and producing components and even entire systems.

  • Products

    High pressure pumps Gas boosters High pressure valve Air Amplifier Stations Booster Stations Hydro - Pneumatic cylinder.

  • Markets

    Pneumatic hydraulic industry Electronic industry Automotive industry Biomedical industry pressure test Machine tool Gas industry Home appliances Ship buliding industry petrochemical industry Aerospace

Deter has been engaged in the high pressure technology field for three decades ,with extensive experience .and professional knowledge, we provide the most reliable product and best service to our clients. By offering customized products, Deter is willing to cooperate with clients and a win-win future.


  • machine tool

    Precision instrument

    Electronic Semiconductor

    Automotive industry

    Gas industry

    Air Tools

    Biomedical industry


  • Ships

    New energy industry

    Chemical industry

    Mining industry


    Food processing


    Leisure industry


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